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Speed up your emigration with a quick house sale

Quick house sale

Has an exciting new relocation opportunity come your way? Or have you been longing to emigrate to another country for some time now?

Emigrating is an exciting prospect, but the logistics can be daunting. The most significant issue is usually what to do with your house. When timescales are involved, the uncertainty of putting your house on the market with an estate agent and the fragility of the sales process can be an obstacle to achieving your dreams.

Can you deal with your house sale once you’ve left?

If you want to leave in a hurry, is the sale of your house something that you can take care of once you’ve relocated to a different country?

For many, dealing with estate agents once you’ve left the UK, and the practicalities of maintaining a house that you still own, can be problematic. When you’re not on hand to react immediately to negotiations and legal processes, you could find you end up getting a bad deal.

Can you afford to emigrate without selling your house?

Most homeowners choose to sell before they leave – simply because they can’t afford to emigrate without the cash tied up in their property.

But… the problem is timescales. Often, homeowners will want to achieve a sale within thirty days.

This can be a showstopper as you may not be able to find somewhere to live if your house sale hasn’t completed. And there’s also the problem of the emigration and property laws in your relocation country.

You must check the property laws in the country you’re emigrating to. Some will require you to have a guaranteed moving date before you’re allowed to buy a property in that country. They might need you to have a definite date before you can even make an offer on a property.

Or emigration laws may require you to have specified accommodation before you can settle in that country.

Do you have a firm completion date?

As well as the reasons stated above, there are other matters that can only be resolved with a firm moving date.

Can you only accept a job offer once you’ve sorted out your relocation schedule? Do you need to move by a particular date to ensure your children can start at a new school?

Plus, if you’re using an international removal company, you will need to book them well in advance.

Does your current house in Basingstoke need work?

Another obstacle can be the condition of your property. An estate agent might advise that you get work done before you put your house on the market. Understandably, they want to achieve the highest possible offer, and some refurbishment will help them achieve that.

But from your point of view, you have to delay your emigration plans to get the work done first. And you also have to fork out for expensive renovations that are of no interest to you as you’re leaving.

How to achieve a fast sale

If you want to sell your house in Basingstoke fast and avoid unnecessary maintenance work, agents and solicitors’ fees, then you need a cash buyer.

All the hassle is taken away. No having to make the house look pretty, no worrying about viewings, negotiation on offers, or the endless conveyancing process.

Instead, you get a reliable sale in the timeframe you need. Emigrating suddenly became simple.

We can help to make your emigration plans a reality

Sell Your House Quickly Basingstoke provides a professional, reliable and convenient solution to selling your home fast.

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